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Stress off the chart

VIP Question from Melissa: Dear Laura Lee, I need some direction regarding work and I’m hoping you can guide me.  I used to love my job and the hours are great, but the stress is off the charts.  I don’t really mesh well with my new boss which makes it more stressful.  The problem is I don’t know what else to do or where to go and I am unsure about giving up this position because of the hours.  Do I look for something else or is there something else for me or do I just need to pull myself out of this slump?

Medium Laura Lee: First thing that comes to mind Melissa, regarding your question, is that you need to MEDITATE. Meditation can help you get center and clear about the situation. I’m an advocate for this daily practice. Here is a fascinating article on how it helps your career (and it is not only for Techies);



or from Deepak Chopra; meditation deepak chopra youtube

I believe there is a lot of fear in the office regarding new management. I don’t believe you are alone and not the only person not meshing with a new boss. Also, you happen to be an empath (sensitive to the emotions of others) which is why the stress may impact you more than others. ON the plus side, your sensitive nature is why you are good at your job. You have a gift helping today’s youth. You have more compassion than most in your position.

The way you deal with these energies is through food. However, if you find that quiet space for only 10-15 minutes a day, you’ll see the truth in the situation. Your boss is operating from fear because they are pressured from top down. They have anxiety to prove themselves at their post. You’re a strong woman and can be viewed as a threat. But you’re a real asset to your organization. Your new boss does need you, but they don’t know it yet. In the meantime, find a way to build a bridge to assist their transition. I recommend you listen to my broadcast on Randi Fine’s ‘A Fine Time for Healing’ ~

Healing power of Love


If you run out on the job, based on ‘fear’, you’ll find yourself in a similar situation at another company. It is important to neutralize these emotions, so not to clutter the real issue.

I sense your position has limited opportunities because it is in a specific niche. However, with that said, I do have a sense that you’ll hear about another opportunity from another colleague. According to your father, on the other side, it is a longer commute than you have currently.

Hope that helps. Keep me posted ~ Bless, LL

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