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Angel Message for May: Spirit. Your spirit soars. There are many reasons for your new found passion. Spring has sprung and sunnier days are a boost of adrenaline for you. You’ll notice cooperation from others appear unified towards a common goal. And you’re inspired to learn, and or teach (not necessarily in a classroom), new ideas that expand your horizons as well for others.

For example, North Korean Premier, Kim Jung Jong Un, recently discovered that unifying with South Korea may benefit him and his people. His historical step over the DMZ (Demilitarization Zone) to shake hands with South Korean President, Moon Jae (perhaps he was influenced by full moon!) wasn’t a baby step, but a giant leap forward for mankind towards an era of unity and peace. These men are learning new ways to bridge the gap, all the while teaching the world (by setting an example) to come together towards a common goal. Their country is expanding with hope to reunite families from both sides of the line. A spiritual rebirth has begun for Korea in as much as it is for you.

Your spiritual transformation. While your transition isn’t on a national scale, or on a global stage (or maybe it is :-), your souls rebirth touches the people you love too. And your action has positive repercussions, from beyond, to give you peace. Spring has sprung your step forward in a new direction. If it feels good, and your enthusiastic, then you’re on the right path. Have faith, completely trust without doubt, that this direction brings about the desired change you seek. It is an answer to your prayer. Recommend reading Angel Message for 2018: Strength. Keep me posted. Bless, LL



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