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Spirit Transformation ~ Angel Message: 

You are processing through a spiritual transformation. There’s a sense that the old way of doing things is dying on multiple levels. This can concern relationships, career/job, financial security, and life in general. It’s as if this sweeping change is out of your control, but it’s not. Your soul is evolving. Change is the only constant in life. This shift is happening for your highest well being. Go with the ebb and flow of your life right now.

Spiritually transform by paying attention to your soul signals. Recognize persons, places, or things that drain your energy or give you pain (especially in the heart). Avoid this path for your higher good. Notice how you gravitate towards persons, places, or things that bring peace, joy, and love to your heart. Be flexible, fluid, and take advantage of these opportunities when they surface. These resources fuel your body mind and soul with energy.

Give yourself tender loving care during a spiritual transformation. This shift brings about a mixed bag of emotions too. It’s okay not to feel okay. Somedays, you’ll feel unbalanced. Then there are days where you’ll feel completely liberated and alive. It’s completely normal. Take special care of your body to transcend this period sooner than later. Take a break, or rest, when you feel tired. Eat when you’re hungry — and exercise to bring about clarity. In time, you’ll realize why this period was necessary for life’s next chapter.

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