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Source of power
Your spirit message:


Your source of power is within.


No one person, place, or thing can give or take away your power without your permission. Your partner, kids, family, friends, colleagues, employees, neighbors, or strangers are not your source. And your source of power does not come from money, work, career, awards, club, association, social standing, or where you live. People, places, and things can quickly come and go throughout your life. The divine source, however, is your true power: unwavering, forever constant, and trustworthy in life.


Fear drains your source of power.


Fears are failed expectations that appear real and can veil you from receiving your higher good. Often, worries are rooted in previous experiences that we project onto our future. It manifests as heavier emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, hurt, pain, sorrow, depression, grief, sickness, and greed. These feelings detract blessings from your life and are intuitive signals to choose again. Start by forgiving yourself and others for any harm done. The higher power doesn’t judge us but loves unconditionally, repaying the favor in the same manner we give, only it appears in a different package when we need it – and not when we want it. Take careful inventory of your thoughts and energy before resting each night, and restore your power by choosing love.


The source gains power in your life through love.


When you give your time, attention, and resources from your heart, you benefit the higher good of all parties, including yourself. You don’t expect a payback. It is authentic power when you’re inspired to give, bringing contentment and energy to everyone. The other party may or may not pass your gift forward or may not even receive what you offer, but you remain unfazed. There is reciprocity in divine time because of your honorable intention. Remain vigilant by staying on the path of love to reclaim the source of power within you. Be grateful for all things, people, and the places you go. Good vibrations attract more thanksgivings into your life.

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