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Soul Purpose

Angel Messages for August: Soul Purpose ~ I see an angel climbing up a hill to get a better look at the sunrise coming up over the horizon. It doesn’t appear to be a real easy climb,  but he moves with  ‘purpose’ to reach the summit in time to see the light emerge. Meanwhile, the light in the sky becomes brighter and brighter the closer the angel reaches the top, which quickens the angels steps to reach his immediate goal. And finally, he reaches the peak and the sun emerges. The angel doesn’t doubt that the sun won’t rise; he ‘knows’. Within you, there is this feeling to push forward, to get things done, towards an immediate goal. I have a sense that enthusiasm will grow within you as you move forward: you’ll feel stronger, more confident, and in integrity with your heart. The sun’s amber light is a symbol of our inner light, seat of the soul in the solar plexus, which will glow as you move forward, toward’s a goal, because it is in alignment with your soul ‘purpose’ . You won’t doubt or question your move, you ‘know’ your effort will pay off. By months end, you’ll witness a confirmation of the sun rising in your honor. I welcome your updates ~ Bless, LL

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