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Soul plan

VIP Message for Jewel: What will my career or job ultimately look like for my highest destiny and soul plan?

Laura Lee: When I asked your angel what would best serve your soul, I saw you as a Jewel placed upon a palm. You refracted rainbow colors. And you sparkled light. Let’s be clear ~ its important to own your name and your true value; A Jewel. 

You’re at your best sharing light ~ lifting others; Inspire, empower, and encourage. While you have many different talents, and held different jobs, you shine most when sharing light (being frank and honest at the heart from personal experience) when teaching, coaching, counseling, and or training others. And by sharing yourself, you grow stronger; Self esteem, confidence, and empowered. 

I understand you’ve held jobs where you had opportunities, as mentioned above, to radiate this aspect of yourself. You have either been schooled (and or considered schooling  ~ btw, you’re never too old 🙂 in areas of study that developed these skills too. You excel when you can help others. It doesn’t much matter about the field, as long as you’re employing your gift of light. I sense, however, healthcare, education, arts and or a spiritual vocation is where you are best suited. It would best serve you to remain on this path, however, it can vary by form. Ultimately, you are to become self sufficient and independent. Your spirit desires freedom. 

I want to address the difference between career versus job. A job is something you do to make ends meet. Your heart isn’t really in it. A career is something you take an active interest cultivating, evolving, and rising. This doesn’t mean it is easy and you love it every day ~ and that there aren’t set backs. A career is hard work as with any job. The only difference is that there is passion to pursue it with all your heart. And you won’t give up so easily. Lead with your heart ~ it always knows. 

I hear you share a name, if not first, middle, with another family member ~ I sense a maternal figure ~ to confirm this message. I hope this helps ~ keep me posted! Bless, Laura Lee

Reply from Jewel: I taught spirit, meditation and connecting with the angels…4 years ago. I could not fully support myself financially, so I had to go back to work in restaurants. It has been challenging and with so much toxicity that I have just enough energy to keep myself clear. I would love to go back to work successfully working for the light again, but I’m not sure if that’s my destiny and can’t see a financial way to do it. I feel so blocked at times as well from all the emotional turmoil of the denser vibrations that I’m surrounded by that it’s hard to feel clear about my highest path and to be able to clear blockages. But I do meditate and pray…Thank You for your time and sharing.

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