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Angel Message for Week 3/9 ~ Simplicity: I see archangel Gabriel holding a single lily flower. Gabriel is known as the communicator of life and death. The lily can represent devotion, friendship, birth, sympathy, humility, growth, connection, motherhood and love. This week is about striping down to the simple basics by reevaluating what is most important in our life including people and things. This information may automatically come to you out of the blue this week and if not, you may find yourself doing a little soul searching. IF you haven’t already, find time this week (schedule ‘me’ time on your appointment calendar) to just stop and think about who/what has drained your energy and who/what gives you energy. IF you are still unsure, ask for your guidance to show or tell you in your dreams (or daydreams). Just being aware of where you expend your energy and time, in effect, wil help you begin the process of change. When you put your attention on the persons/things that give you energy, you’ll find that added boost you’ve been seeking ~ plus more enthusiasm for life. It is giving TLC to your spirit, by doing some spring cleaning. This little work may feel like a form of rebirth. By devoting more time to those people/things, you raise your energy and  attract more of that which you love in your life. You’ll have more harmony connecting to others, perhaps seeing regular synchronicity, which all validate heaven’s support. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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