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Shine: Angel Message of Week. You allow that little light of yours to shine bright. Nothing or no one can hold you back. Your force, building within, can no longer be contained. And there are a couple reasons why you’re amped up. 

Your compassionate nature increases your shine. You see the light in others when they can’t for themselves. Being sensitive is a sign of weakness in segments of societies. But to understand, relate and connect gives you strength. When you lift others up, you are naturally lifted. You stand out from the pack by listening, sharing and giving counsel in ways you do best. You reveal light, where there is dark, that makes other people take notice. Compassion is one of the qualities that made young Aretha Franklin glow.

“Franklin was the queen not only of soul music but of soul as a concept, because her great subject was the exceeding of limits….(Dr. Feelgood) the most beautiful and unexpected sermonic passages in American popular music…her spiritual leadership but might actually fuel it. There is apprehension, too. Franklin “gets a little worried” and “fearful” like everyone else. But she knows that “everything’s gonna be alright.” “Don’t put worry on you before worry gets to you”: she repeats the injunction twice, so that what begins as an admonition becomes an assurance of divine clemency, of a force that might take you beyond where you thought you could go—“You’d be surprised what big bridges you can meet when you get there.” New Yorker~ May the great Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, RIP

Your enthusiasm is contagious positive energy that makes you bright. Something, or someone, stokes your ambers into a blaze. Like moths to a flame, you draw people, things and resources to support your journey ~ effortlessly. All this happens because you unconsciously (or consciously) shifted inside from an attitude of ‘what can I get’ versus ‘how can I help’ to make it all worth while. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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