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She waits now

She waits now ~ Messages of Love Story by Sheri

Carolynn and I met at a business conference when we accompanied our husbands; they’d go to work and leave us to enjoy a nice vacation.   

It was only once or twice a year that we met our friends, usually for a week in some exotic location. Even though we met so sporadically in the ten years we’d known them, we became closer to one another than friendships I’d made in a lifetime. We shopped and explored places we’d never been, visited museums, took excursions, and talked…talked about everything. No topic was left unturned, including death. What was death? Was there indeed a passing? Did our mortal soul separate? Yes, we decided; it certainly did. And so, it was that a year had passed since we’d met in New Orleans, and I was beginning to look forward to our next excursion.  

It was then that I had the dream. I dreamed I saw Carolynn behind the flight panel of an airplane. She was so excited to show me this button and that lever and all the bells and whistles of navigation. “See. See. It’s so easy to navigate. Anyone can do it. You’ll see. Anyone can do it. You are going to love it!” she exclaimed, turning to fly the plane into a nearby cloud. And then she was gone.  

I awoke and thought the dream was odd. I had my hand on the phone to call my friend about my crazy dream when it began to ring. Bob, her husband, was calling. “She’s gone,” he sobbed.  

Carolynn had bought them a pair of scooters to ride the daredevil paths in the forest. She was in the lead, of course, when a ground squirrel dashed in front of her wheel. She veered too sharply, flew over the handlebars, and, as Bob explained, died instantly. 

A year is a long time for dear friends to meet and enjoy each other’s company. I do not doubt that she waits now, ready for our next excursion.   

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