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Separation anxiety

VIP Message for Rachel:

Hello! This question is for my daughter, Natalie, and has to do with something like separation anxiety. First, a little background: I have two boys from a previous relationship, and my husband and I have a daughter. For a while, my daughter had her room where she slept at night, but when she started kindergarten, she began having anxiety because of the fire drills and alarms that went off. It became so bad over a couple of weeks that to allow everyone in the household some sleep at night; I moved a bed into the bedroom I shared with my husband for our daughter. We felt especially bad for her partly because the boys shared a room, the parents shared a room, and she was by herself. We had the space, so it was fine. 

Natalie has been in our bedroom since and will go into 4th grade in August. She has sleepovers at grandma’s house, which mostly goes okay, but often she tells us that she will miss us if she’s apart. My daughter had asked for a special loft bed for a while, and her dad custom-built her a very sturdy, spacious loft bed. She managed to sleep there for about two weeks, but that situation dissolved- we would have to wait in her room till she fell asleep, and then she would start waking up almost every 2 hours for various reasons. 

We told her she is very protected and safe and has angels around her that she can talk to any time. We told her they are real and always with her, so she would like to know more about her angels. What is her guardian angel’s name, and what would be the best way to talk to them. Thanks, Rachel

Laura Lee: Bless Natalie’s heart…who wouldn’t be anxious by alarms going off at school these days! You’re doing right, affirming that she’s safe, secure, and surrounded by angels (not only in bed at night but at school too). But, as far as talking to her guardian angel ‘Lily,’ it is easy for her as it is you; speak to them as if they are in the room with you. 

Our guardian angel always hears our call! 

Oh my, I’m so familiar with your situation, being a parent and raising my daughter, who wanted to share my bed. While our surrounding circumstances may differ, my angelic guidance helped me retrain my daughter to be secure on her own, in her bed and her room. I know their advice will help you and Natalie too.

Like you, I felt I had exhausted all my options before turning to my angelic counsel. They channeled a prayer, or ‘affirmation,’ through me to share with my daughter. I then was instructed to get my daughter to repeat it after me before going to bed at night. It trained her to fall asleep peacefully. Not in my bed, but in her bed. And not sporadically, but through an entire night! 

They also instructed that she must say it aloud to permit angels to intervene on her behalf. We can’t ask for someone else unless their soul agrees; however, we can say it along with them to help empower the individual to have faith. Natalie must say it from her heart to learn how to call her angel whenever she needs help. 

Naturally, it didn’t take long before she fell asleep. After reciting the prayer, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. And it was in her bed where she slept throughout the night. To date, she still recites the prayer before going to sleep. It’s been about a decade since we first started our journey. 

Before reciting the prayer, I recommend taking a few moments to center yourself.  Visualize (with eyes closed or, if she can, open) the moonlight cast upon her from the heavens. Take three deep breaths; inhale, pull the light in through the crown of the head, and exhale slowly from the heart to see that the light is clearing her body and room of any darkness (fear). Then imagine the light beams turn into a circle of angels protecting her bedroom (or the entire house). Over time, this practice will help ease her mind knowing they are on guard duty through the night. It can also help her if she feels scared at school to say it silently to herself at any time. 

The prayer and exercise can be said any time, with a few word changes.

It goes like this; “I welcome into my sacred space, all angels of light, surround me tonight. Help me fall fast asleep, soundly, with sweet dreams until morning’s light*, and I know I’m safe in the presence of angels.”

**or whatever time you want to awaken, because as we discovered, you will wake at sunrise, which can be as early as 4:00 to 5 am!

 The prayer is also excellent for anyone suffering from anxiety or restless sleeping habits. I hope this helps as it has helped many other children and adults, including my family.

If you and Natalie (and you think she’s mature enough) would like to learn more about how to ‘Contact your Guardian Angel for Divine Guidance,’ join my upcoming webinar on Tuesday, July 26. I give group readings and teach you how to receive guidance from your angel. Register now 

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