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Responsibility ~ Angel Message;

You take responsibility for the way things have progressed in your relationship(s). It’s clear your thoughts, actions, and behaviors have affected the outcome of a troubling situation. You realize that you can control these factors, which can affect your daily experiences. In recent weeks and days, it becomes more obvious what it’s going to take from you. 

You accepted responsibility by asking your higher self the right questions. Seeking answers through prayers, meditation, and thinking yourself through the maze of options, and you’ve seen the light in your errors. The answer(s) didn’t come overnight. It’s been a process of gradual awareness over time. You know what you’ve got to do now. Change is inevitable if you want a different outcome. 

Be responsible for holding onto any grievances against yourself and or others. Be kind about what you/others did or didn’t do at the time. It happened. So what. Now it’s in the past. Forgive. Let it go, so it stops impeding your vision. Difficulties that once brought you suffering are learning experiences. You’ve gained strength from standing outside your comfort zone for so long. It’s become standard practice for you always to challenge yourself, and it is to your advantage. 

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