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Resolution ~  Angel Message:

Reaffirm your new year resolution(s). Did you know it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit? And that’s what you’ve attempted to do, form a new habit(s), since the new year began. It doesn’t matter if you started to make a life change on the first or the tenth, now is a pivotal time to recommit to your life aspirations. 

Any life-affirming resolution requires reviewing priorities. What works and what doesn’t work?  What aligns with your life objective? Take stock of who or what is essential for achieving this goal. Write down the reason(s) ‘why’ you need to accomplish this dream. Place it somewhere visible to remind yourself daily ~ especially when things get tough. If necessary, remove whatever or whoever is keeping you from making this target possible.

A resolution is your intention sent out to the universe. The heart always knows what’s right for you. By stating out loud your desire, visualizing it, and feeling it within the heart, you empower a force within to take action. The right people, resources and events will transpire to work in your favor. Whenever weak, remember to reclaim your intention, including your ‘why,’ to rewire your brain to follow your soul’s calling. 

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