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Resilient ~ Angel Message: 

You are resilient. Remember the last time you climbed out of a deep hole? You probably thought you’d never get out of it, but you did. Then it passed, becoming a distant memory. Your life went on. Then you fell again, but you rose, dusted yourself off and got on with it. You found a way to survive. Each time you encountered difficulty, you overcame it. You grew stronger, wiser, and more resourceful. And that’s what you’re going to do again. 

You must believe in yourself. Think back to the biggest crisis you overcame in life thus far. Do you recall what you had to conjure up in your mind to move through it? Sure, there were those moments of sadness, anger, blame ~ a lot of grief. But, you discovered a flicker of light that lead your way out. It grew brighter every day because you began to believe in yourself again. That light is still there within you. Draw upon that reservoir now. 

Keep on dreaming. Dreams help you hope for a better future. They give you something to look forward to, not backward. Goals give you purpose to live. Despite how grand in scope they appear given the current predicament, hold onto them. No matter their size, small, large, or if they change form ~  all desires are relevant today as they were yesterday.  Dreams are a map for your soul’s mission.

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