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Release ~ Angel Message:

Permit yourself to release. Limited thinking was passed onto you by another person. But they never held the reigns. It was you all long. Only now, you realize this bond between you, another person, and how you gave away your power. Awareness is a step towards healing, transcending the past by rewriting your narrative for today. You’ve always been free to choose.

Releasing a past burden gives you light. Your energy increases to rise above the fray. It helps you see a bigger picture that sheds a lot of understanding. Forgiving yourself and the other person comes easily. What imprisoned you was an illusion of your own making. No one’s going to hold you back from living life on your terms. 

Release your gifts onto the world. You’ve always known where you excelled. It’s been part of you all this time but buried deep inside. Letting go of the past sets you free now. With your passion reignited, there’s enthusiasm to serve. Heaven’s call speaks through your heart; true inspiration. Watch and listen for the next step to fly.

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