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Angel Message for Week: Release, let go, past thoughts, ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you. These are troubles that circle in your head, spiral out of control, and create a storm. More often than not, they are out of your control. Unfortunately, you give these things power causing you anxiety, lack of energy and drain. No matter how much you’d like to believe you can control what others will or won’t do, you cannot. You can, however, control how you react emotionally, mentally and physically. The teachers and students, in Parkland Florida, set excellent example  rallying and marching to organize change due to their unfortunate circumstances from last weeks shooting. They are choosing how to respond. In turn, they are in control and empowered. Practice this week; Close your eyes and visualize a white light, as bright as the sun, shine upon you. Embrace the warm rays, bathing you in light, melt away your tensions. Take a deep inhale of the light through the crown of your head into your heart. Exhale light, through your heart, expelling all those persons, things or circumstances that weigh heavy (trust whoever/whatever comes to your mind). Do this three times or more. Visualize these things drift up, far away, into the light until they are no longer seen (If you cannot see, pretending as as effective). While performing the exercise, say out loud or to yourself, “Thank you for releasing these burdens in my heart and restoring it with peace.” Do this anytime the thoughts resurface and or before resting at night. Be patient with yourself. This process is a practice. With vigilance, you will restore your light ~ personal power. Releasing allows you to be present. The PRESENT moment, now free of from the clutter, will reveal opportunities, people and things that instantly resolve and or clear up these matters in unexpected ways. If you don’t see miracles, then something is wrong. Go back to the practice. As always, welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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