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Reconnect ~ Angel Message: 

You reconnect with someone distant. Though it felt as if bonds broke, they weren’t. The time apart gave you time to reevaluate priorities and concentrate on more critical matters in your life. It also gave you time to think about engaging from a more profound level with mutual understanding and respect in this relationship. 

Your reconnection reveals light where there was darkness. It is a moment of truth for you to express to another person and vice versa. Remain conscious of how to interact. Speaking from the heart works best to get your point across clearly. Knowledge replaces ignorance for both parties. The new insights that surface will allow you to evolve your role in the relationship to another level and shift dynamics. It is really up for you to decide. 

A reconnection reconciles the past to the present. A reunion will restore peace, but more importantly, give you the satisfaction of knowing what your future holds in terms of this relationship. Moreover, the decision you make for yourself concerning this dynamic is for the betterment of all parties involved. 

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