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Receptive ~ Angel Message: 

Be receptive to all ideas, people, things, and opportunities. Your wishes, needs, wants and prayers are always answered, but not always in the most direct way. They are often revealed in disguise. Pay attention to your heart signals when discerning direction. It speaks your truth. The heart is much more than an organ that pumps blood. It is intuitive. It hones in on your life path like a beacon that guides a ship into the harbor. 

A receptive heart knows instinctively when to stop and go. Go, at once, when the heart emits warm feelings of joy, peace and or love towards someone, something or an opportunity. Immediately stop when the heart feels sensations of pain or burns. Heartache doesn’t always mean that you are dying or that the person (thing or opportunity) is bad. Your heart is simply giving notification that isn’t the right direction for you. When in doubt to stop or go, don’t. Wait for a clear signal. Still confused by mixed signals? Find a quiet space and ask your higher self the question. Wait for the heart to respond accordingly. 

Being receptive to life makes your journey an adventure. Saying yes to life allows you to explore, learn and grow in ways beyond your imagination. It’s exciting to realize that the best is yet to come, no matter your age or whatever troubles you. If you deny yourself opportunities, your spirit slowly dies. But if you remain open, and respond accordingly to your heart, you’ll live a miraculous life. 

“We should always be in love…” Gloria Vanderbilt lived with an open heart towards life. She dies at 95. Read in The Hollywood Reporter

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