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Angel Message of Week: The ‘Angel of Purification’ is guiding your thoughts to reflect and contemplate something that has resurfaced time and again. You keep pushing it away, sweeping it under the rug, because it scares you to go deeper with it. This is the week you process, emotionally purge, this matter for a deep spiritual cleanse. When you sense it coming on, go with the flow and allow this angel to help you release. Sometimes we need a good cry or ‘time out’ to see things clearly. Its like cleaning a dirty window so that you can let the sunlight shine inside. By weekend, you’ll see the divine order and beauty (a silver lining) how this experience touched your life. This positively transforms your life. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
*If you want to shine again, allow me to be your guide you through the cleansing process; Spring Clean Special.  
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