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VIP Message for Stacey: I have experienced a lot of paranormal activity after my mom passed in 2014. Lately, I’ve dealt with a presence that is quite mean. I’ve asked for protection and asked for it to leave. I was at my friends house two nights ago and felt it touch me. I left that night feeling very uneasy, as if it was in the vehicle with me. I was scared. Then again, yesterday, I was over at my friends home wearing my mom’s necklace that is a heart with an angel inside of it. We got to talking about it and it fell of my neck. I told the spirit not to do it again since it is my mother’s necklace. Last night, my 1 yr old daughter cried throughout the night. This is unusual behavior. About 4 pm this presence appeared as a figure of a man. I had a lucid dream where he was behind me in bed. I could feel him. I actually heard his voice say, “better keep them breathing.” I was fighting him off throughout my sleep. I know it sounds odd, but started to pray and ask for protection in the dream which wasn’t any ordinary dream. I was telling him I wasn’t afraid of him. I have dealt with things like this since childhood and never scared, but now I am. I hope I don’t sound crazy.

Medium Laura Lee: Fear begets more fear; The spirit is attracted to your energy. Fear can manifest as grief (from the death of a loved one), anger, depression, sadness, jealousy, and scary thoughts too. While it is excellent you were conscious enough awake, and dreaming, to pray for protection and fight the presence off ~ it is probably best to clear your space so that the spirit doesn’t return. A few things come to mind to help shift from fear, especially grieving the loss of a loved one;

  1. Hugs; get a minimum of four a day to survive ~ twelve to thrive! This will help lighten the heavy load on your heart.
  2. Refrain, or try to minimize, any drugs (recreational), alcohol (that’s why it is called ’spirits’) and cigarettes too. All these things lower your vibration.
  3. Affirm your protection; A prayer I channel nightly, for myself and daughter (who now prays too), to help keep spirits at bay for a peaceful night;
“I welcome into this sacred space all angels of light, guard over us tonight. Thank you for providing us a safe place to fall fast asleep, soundly, and with sweet dreams until mornings light. We know angels watched over us.”
While stating this affirmation, visualize big angels surrounding the house. See that their light extends to the heavens, shielding your home in that protective white light. Say the prayer with meaning, feeling from the heart, and if possible, out loud. Continue the exercise as many times as necessary, until you feel it, and or drift off to sleep. Practice daily.
Most likely, this spirit tapped into your subconscious fears about sudden infant death syndrome. As a new mother, this isn’t uncommon. However, I sense your little girl is fine. I affirm daily my own and child’s health through this prayer;
“I welcome our guardian angels to guide over us today, keeping us from all harm. We are blessed with perfect health; emotionally, mentally and physically. Thank you for sharing your daily blessings and miracles!
While stating this affirmation visualize your guardian angels surround you in their protective light and wings. Again, practice, practice, practice to avoid fear to weave through your mind.
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