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Peace ~ Angel Message: 

Choose peace by going within. Unlike the evolving world around us, spirit never changes. It is constant, omnipotent, and a guiding force to help you resolve daily worry. It knows what’s best for you ~ always. How do you find rest from worldly matters?

Restore peace by treating yourself with tender loving care. You don’t need an extravagant day spa or vacation to relax. Set aside a few minutes to connect with your breath. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling; center your thoughts on being present with how you feel. You’ll find that the more attention you put on your breath, the anxiety fades away. Even more compelling, practice this exercise outdoors. Nature is a balm for the soul. Also, try getting more shut-eye at night by turning off all screens earlier and eat nourishing foods to energize your days. These simple basics unify mind, body, spirit plus improve your outlook of the world around you. 

Compassion towards self and others leads to peace. We aren’t perfect. Beating yourself up does you, nor anyone, good. Cut yourself a break by being the best you can be; you’re good enough. The past is gone, and the future hasn’t happened. All you got is now. Bring your attention back to the moment. Cancel out the negative self-talk by affirming your soul is always peaceful. Then resolve to make better choices by listening to your inner spirit. If your decision brings anxiety, don’t. If your decision gives you peace, follow through immediately. 

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