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Angel Message Week of 3/28: The ‘Angel of Patience’ will help you breathe easy through a rough patch this week. You cannot push nor rush a task that you desire to complete, because it is always evolving (remember that it’s all about the journey 🙂 ~ otherwise, you will delay your progress forward. This angel says you are still developing a skill, cultivating a talent, and as well learning more about yourself. This may require more introspection. Be patient with yourself when you recognize procrastination, feel frustrated, angry or the urge to quit. Instead, take a break to center yourself ~ get out of your head. Find harmony with your soul by connecting with other like minded people (socialize), or go outside for some fresh air, or spend time alone in silence. When you are at peace, then come back to revisit the task at hand. You’ll discover a whole new perspective, inspired by ideas that will coalesce and synthesis. An ah-ha moment will propel you forward! Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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