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Angel Message for Week 3/10/14: The angel stands fully in the light, open, receptive and receiving guidance. Your job is just to remain open too. And you’ll be guided as well. This week take a mini break during the day to literally capture some sun rays (If any! If not, close your eyes and pretend as if the sun is shinning upon you) and stand in it for a good 10-15 minutes. Then ask. And listen. The best instrument to detect your guidance is through the heart. The heart always knows and is wise. If your heart aches (this includes heart burn), then you are guided to stop whatever it is you are doing. Try to avoid rationalizing your way out of it, because you can’t.…the pain will continue. If your heart feels love and joy, then you are guided to proceed. There is freedom through this passage. The angel stands on a water’s edge, overlooking the horizon, and I see the sunrise to reveal this light emerge upon you. To me, this indicates the week is full of some surprises.

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