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Angel Messages for Week: The ‘Angel of Openness’ surrounds you in a pink orb, her aura, to protect your thoughts in peace, love and joy so that you can see the beauty around you. This keeps your heart and arms open to embrace whatever comes your way. Be gracious for all things. Gratitude makes a difference in how the world responds to you. IF your boss gives you more work, be grateful you have a job. IF you have to fix a leak in your ceiling, be grateful you have a roof over your head. IF you have little in the fridge, be grateful for the bounty provided to you.
IF you have a nagging parent (spouse, family member, friend, etc), be grateful for the people in your life that care. IF you have a major bill, be grateful you have the money to pay it. IF you have the flu (or another health challenge), be grateful for your good health. IF you hear of someone dying (just turn on the news), be grateful for your life. IF you see a panhandler, be grateful for your abundance. You catch the drift. Be forever grateful and more blessings come onto you. A very simple practice where miracles can become a daily reality. It will be easier for you this week as you are divinely inspired. You may want to reread Angel Message for May: Enthusiasm. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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