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Angel Message for week 3/17/14: I don’t think we are done with the subject, because again, I am still seeing an angel stand embracing the light and fully open to receive guidance in many forms. Your job is to be open to; new ideas, opportunities, advice and people. These elements were put on your path to help inspire your direction (especially if things have been unclear). I understand that there is a common thread between all these elements. Avoid discounting anything at this point. No matter how disconnected these things may appear or abstract, there is synthesis. It’s like the emerging colors in a spectrum that coalesce into a rainbow. Even if things appear disjointed, they merge together and become whole. Continue taking breaks during your day to literally capture some sun rays (if any, if not, pretend as if the sun is shinning upon you with your eyes closed) and stand in it for a good 15 minutes. Then ask. And listen. The best instrument to detect your guidance is through the heart. The heart always knows and is wise. If your heart aches (this includes heart burn), then you are guided to stop whatever it is you are doing. Try to avoid rationalizing your way out of it, because you can’t.…the pain will continue. If your heart feels love and joy, then you are guided to proceed. This is where you will feel true power.

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