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Observe your life
Your spirit message:
Observe your life.

Is it going as planned? Has it deviated from the course you thought it ought to be? Are you aware of who’s showing up for you consistently and who’s not? Are you aware of repeated messages from the small voice within or anything external that frequently reminds you to tend to something important that you keep avoiding? Look to these cues for where to redirect your attention now.

Observe how life has unfolded based on your previous choices.

There’s no right or wrong choice; only choosing the best option serves you best. But is the old path still working for you now based on your previous and outdated choice? The good news is that you always have the chance to change your mind by making a new choice. It’s your life to live and no one else’s. Life has a way of happening despite our best plans. Observe the nagging messages that prod you, day or night, that excite but scare you. Decide to choose something different by committing to it and see what happens when you do.

Observe who keeps showing up in your life.

These people are essential as to where you focus energy. They value you and your time. Give them your attention, even if they are annoying. They’ll reveal a new way of seeing the world that your heart and soul seek. You’ll learn new lessons and uncover new skills and talents, opening a whole new world that gives new meaning to life that is divinely inspired. Focusing on people absent, for whatever reason, drains your power and is not the way. Concentrate on who is helping you live your best life now.

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