Angel Message for March: The ‘Angel of Obedience’ will guide you to be aware and obedient to all signs such as a street light, road name, or billboard. It can be a sign that someone is holding and catches your attention. And as well as the intuitive signals your body sends (review 2017 message; TRUST). Pay careful attention to their message. You’ve asked for healing regarding an ailment that plagues your body, mind and soul. Becoming aware is the first step to begin the healing process. This angel is offering guidance that you seek. Their signs lead you to investigate an answer. Independently educate yourself by reading and or gather information from a professional medical practitioner or alternative healer. Follow all sources that miraculously appear ~ heed all that resonates. I suggest a book that is real affordable health care; ’You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louis Hays to help identify the cause of  dis ~ ease in your body and how to tackle it from positive thinking too. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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