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Not happy

Not happy ~ VIP Message for Cathy:

I am not happy with my current job. Do you see me going to another company or any change?

Laura Lee; Forgive me Cathy, but I don’t see it happening for a while. Are you going about your search haphazardly with little, to no, movement at all to make that change?

I don’t see it automatically falling into your lap without more effort from you. Time is of the essence; numerous opportunities are available for you now. I sense, however, a few things hold you back from moving towards this end;

1) Not believing in your worth, lack of self-confidence, and what you have to offer to another employer. 

2) Feeling you might be too old to explore the job market and or it is limiting your choices.

3) Not knowing what you want and or what will make you happy. 

Future employers can sniff out insecurities; it’s all about your energy. Cancel the excuses. Face your fears, and do it! I’d start by listing out things you want from your employer and work environment. If you haven’t already, I suggest soliciting the assistance of a professional to get your resume into top shape to opens doors for you. I’d also work with agencies, and online services, to do some of the heavy lifting helping you find a good fit. 

I see a school environment would be refreshing for you. The youthful energy will inspire new dreams and goals fo your own. IF you haven’t already explored the educational sector for a career change, and or it’s crossed your mind, I recommend pursuing this direction as there are opportunities for you in this field of work (and study :-). 

Meanwhile, I recommend that you find peace with your current employer and their environment, so you aren’t suffering. PLUS, you don’t want to carry this energy while seeking a new job (as they can pick up on it psychically). Also, this energy keeps you tied to your employer because you spend entirely too much time thinking about what you don’t want, rather than what you want. Let’s shift your vibe to get you moving in the right direction by practicing this exercise;

Visualize a beam of light showering down upon you from the heavens. Take a deep inhale of light, pulling it down through the crown and exhale through the heart. Do this 3X, releasing and letting go of any thoughts of fear, or baggage that weighs you down regarding work. Then I want you to visualize your place of work (a symbol of your employer) in your mind’s eye. Inhale the light through and into the heart and exhale, blasting, light into your employer. State out loud, if you can, “Bless (say your employer’s name) peace, joy, and love” Again, do this 3X feeling it from the heart with love. That might be hard at first but becomes more natural in time. Do it before sleeping, before rising in the morning, while you drive to work ~ anytime you feel the energy drain when you’re at work to help lift your circumstances. 

I know this sounds silly, but it works to play with your energy. It is a ridiculously simple exercise. And I know it works as long as you keep practice before resting, before rising, every time you go into work or dread being at work! The exercise will profoundly change your dynamics in the office as well as shift your attitude about them ~ as well, how they perceive you! They could even offer you something more challenging and fun as a result where everyone is happy!

Imagine the possibility 🙂 Hope that helps ~ Bless, LL

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