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Not comfortable
Spirit Story Messages for Ann: “Not comfortable”

Laura Lee (00:00:01) – Laura Lee tuning into Ms. Ann’s spirit. Welcome.

Ann (00:00:06) – Thank you.

Laura Lee (00:00:07) – Ann, where are you calling from?

Ann (00:00:08) – Vancouver.

Laura Lee (00:00:11) – I’m picking up a male, and I believe, from what I’m sensing here, he’s a father figure to you; you’ve got a dad on the other side, correct?

Ann (00:00:20) – Yeah.

Laura Lee (00:00:21) – And I get the sense you’re like his baby girl. Yeah. Did he call you baby girl? Because that’s why I hear him clearly say,

Ann (00:00:28) – Yeah…

Laura Lee (00:00:29) – You were his only girl.

Ann (00:00:29) Yes.

Laura Lee (00:00:30) All right, confirming. So here’s the thing. I also see, and I think this is, him walking barefoot like in a garage. And I don’t know why he shows me the garage, but that’s how I see him. And he tells me he’d often go barefoot because you know it’d air out his stinky feet. Do you understand?

Ann (00:00:50) – He had really cute feet,

Laura Lee (00:00:52) – But he left them open.

Ann (00:00:54) – He wore flip flops a lot.

Laura Lee (00:00:55) – He liked to be comfortable. Yeah. And that’s how he is right now. Cool. And he says that there are things that aren’t so comfortable. He shows me that you’re a mother.

Ann (00:01:01) – Yeah.

Laura Lee (00:01:02) – And one of the things that’s not so comfortable is that one of the kids isn’t feeling comfortable at some place they’ve been going to and clinging to you. I feel like a child has clung to you and doesn’t want to let go. It’s like separation anxiety. Mm-hmm, he tells me your mom’s there, correct?

Ann (00:01:24) – Yeah. She’s living with us.

Laura Lee (00:01:26) – And there was another gentleman that lived in her space at one time.

Ann (00:01:26) – Mhmm.

Laura Lee (00:01:30) – Is he not around?

Ann (00:01:33) – Well, we’re trying to get him out of our lives. They have a house together.

Laura Lee (00:01:38) – Oh my gosh. Whoever she was living with, did he drink? Yeah. Okay. Your child felt very uneasy around this person.

Ann (00:01:47) – Oh, yeah. We never let him around. Yeah. I knew he was bad news and I tried to tell my mom,

Laura Lee (00:01:53) – She’s in and out (with this man). She’s used to this dynamic because he (dad) tells me that she just left one for another because I feel like there’s something to do with the alcohol thing.

Ann (00:02:02) – Um, yeah. That’s why she left my dad because he wouldn’t stop using drugs and alcohol, and then she ended up getting with this guy who’s a total mess.

Laura Lee (00:02:10) – Right, the same. So yeah, you don’t want the kid around. And he (your dad) told me she needs to come to your house instead of the kids going over to that other house. So it would be more comfortable.

Ann (00:02:21) – Yeah, exactly.

Laura Lee (00:02:22) – You know what, she’s going to end up going back.

Ann (00:02:25) – Really?

Laura Lee (00:02:26) – Yes. So when she does, just remember she comes to your house and your house is always open. And I know she’s struggling to get there, but he’s very, what’s the word for it? Charming to her…and he’s always trying to pull her back in. But the thing is, is also he (dad) wants to mention you need a break, and it feels like it’s a lot on you right now. A little exhausted and depressed. And especially when it comes to the little ones…kids.

Ann (00:02:52) – Yeah.

Laura Lee (00:02:53) – Have you been looking for work online?

Ann (00:02:55) – Not online, but I’ve been trying to figure out how I can create some kind of income, but I don’t know how I can make that happen.

Laura Lee (00:03:02) – Well, you know, if you’ve been looking for the other income, it’s attached to going online. Okay. And it might be something that’s contracted out, so meaning that you come and go and you get to set your own hours, but that would also be part of your big break. So there’s more to come and that break outside the house is what you need most right now.

Ann (00:03:28) Mm-hmm…

Laura Lee (00:03:29) I can hear heavy in your voice. It was a pleasure.

Ann (00:03:30) – Oh yes, it was. It was a definite pleasure. Thank you so much.

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