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VIP Message for Emilia: Hi Laura, I’m very new to this world of angels and guides. At least a year ago, I had a visit from a young man (spirit) in my bedroom. He was young (20s), wearing all white clothes, and had dark skin like from India. He did not wear a turban. More like a white pants and long straight shirt. He came to me in bed–I was sleeping with a man I was in love with–but he did not love me. I was afraid at first, and turned around, but then I looked up and he was at the foot of my bed and then next to me. He started speaking. He told me to do/remember three things–which I CANNOT REMEMBER. I felt such peace after I spoke to him, that I turned over and went to sleep. The relationship did not grow, but I am now very good friends with that man. He would like to pursue a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, but I’m pushing that away because it doesn’t feel right. I understand now that the man/boy was a guide. But I’ve never seen him again, don’t know who he is and what he told me. I told this story to my man, who I was with me in bed (he’s from Argentina and also has dark skin ~ so the guide could have been from Argentina?). My boyfriend wondered if it was a younger version of himself? Thank you so much.

Medium Laura Lee: Well, this says a lot about your ex Emilia ~ No, the young man was not a version of himself. Funny, it’s not about him! Good riddance to him as you deserve better than what he’s willing to offer in terms of a relationship. I highly recommend reading Getting to I do with Dr. Pat Allen (which means long term relations too). You are doing right by listening to your instincts and telling him friends with benefits doesn’t work for you.

The love you deserve begins with you. In turn, you will attract the love you desire. I suggest taking care of yourself after ending this relationship to proceed forward. Your well-being counts on it ~ you mentioned you are merely good friends with your ex, yet in the last sentence, he is referenced as your ‘boyfriend’. It may be a slip up, however, I’d say it signals that you haven’t let him go. Read Angel Messages for Week; Release.

This young man, who appeared to you, was indeed a guide. He gave you a very important sign; Peace. Another sign is the all white clothing; Purity. It is common attire for men in India, or in hotter climates, to wear white. Not all Indians, wear turbans. Those that do are Sikhs. You and your ex are searching the connection to dark skin, Argentina, and his younger self. Intuition, spirits, guides, and or angels are not based on rational thinking. If you, however, believed this guide to be of Indian decent (first thing that came to your mind), trust your instincts ~ not your ex!

I’m pretty certain your guide’s presence had something to do with your break up. He made you release the troubling matter to help you go back to sleep. I also believe he gave you insight to not give into your ex’s pleas. In fact, I recommend you take a time out from your ex all together. Do not be friends with a man you ~ love. The time spent together will not rekindle the romantic relationship you expect. If it does, it won’t be permanent. This dance will only cause you more pain because he is interested in exploring other relationships. Besides, this will energetically cut you off from receiving the love you deserve in your life.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you travel to India (or already have been to the country or in the region), have associations to  India through friends, an affinity to a guru, yoga, meditation, read books associated, etc and as well have a relationship with an Indian (or of someone in that region of the world) at some later date. If this resonates, this confirms your message from your guide.

I hope this helps ~ keep me posted. Bless, LL

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