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My spirit guide

My spirit guide ~Message of Love by Jen:

…I can’t possibly put into words how dumbfounded and humbled I am to learn of …MY spirit guide…Christ?????? I feel so unworthy and so….unworthy. And as I thought I realized that He may have came in response to my self-directed conclusion that yes, there is most certainly a God whether it be some all encompassing life force or otherwise, however, I apparently falsely concluded that Jesus Christ was only another man-originated, man-manipulated story of a prophet type person that existed but was not divine. I have always prayed to Angels and lesser to God thinking that the Angels were ‘as high as I needed to go’ as I was not worthy of wasting God’s time with my thoughts or requests and that there was no Jesus Christ in the Divine. You certainly changed my way of thinking tonight!! I am truly overwhelmed and humbled….Tears…I am so incredibly sensitive and empathetic that I become just speechless and tearful and I think it interferes with going any further….Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I think I was finely genuinely convinced that I am blessed!”

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