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Brandi from Oregon: Hi Laura Lee, I contacted you back in Nov 2012 regarding a project I have been working on for the past 3.5 yrs. and you told me that my sister would help me with the project. And at the time, I was like a fly hitting the glass window and needed to find another way out. I was feeling at a standstill at that time with my project and didn’t understand how my sister could help. But, you were right! I was given some advice on the next step to pursue and that is when I enlisted the help of my sister. I am now moving ahead with my project, but still working on the breakthrough! I am making new contacts. Do you have any insight as to when I might make the right connection to move this project to the next level? You had also told me that mid-summer was when I would see movement. You were also right on with that. I worked with my sister over the summer, and finished early Sept. and have been networking ever since! Thank you for your encouragement and advice!

Medium Laura Lee: Right, Brandi, I believe I remember our convo and you seemed a bit surprised sis could be of any assistance. Bless that she’s helped you move forward…thanks for keeping me posted. Love to hear that you are in full swing. Wouldn’t be surprised if sis wants a bigger piece of the action in the future. And you know, everything in it’s own good time. Businesses are like babies, you have to nurture them day in and day out. With a committed parent, who believes in the baby/child, then it starts to grow up taking baby steps, walking before it is running at mock speed. I say this as a seasoned entrepreneur and as a parent because I see the parallels to these two worlds….but, also, this vision may indicate that as long as you remain focused on this path, you’ll run too. As a psychic medium, I believe all your networking pays off. I see another party, or woman, that steps in (partners?) and aligns her services(products too?). Her skill sets enhances your organization too. You will learn a lot from each other, expand your horizons about other possibilities/markets, and help you develop negotiating skills. Brandi, I get that this entrepreneurial spirit coming thru is guided by an aunt who had similar aspirations that may guide and inspire your actions. I see red lipstick, connection, 🙂 as if to suggest ‘owning’ it. Red = power. Dress your part so that you feel better about yourself and more confident. Sometimes our outward expression is symbolic of our inward expression….and it also has an impact on how/when we move forward. Hope that makes sense. Keep me posted. Bless, LL


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