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Angel Message of February; Angel of Mission refocuses your attention upon aspirations of the heart. Many blocks, or so it seemed, prevented you from moving forward; Time, resources, energy and or a willingness due to insecurities. All that’s behind you now. Angel of mission helps you conquer obstacles to achieve success. Watch windows open for opportunity. More free time; Off work early or no work (maybe the office has a computer malfunction or you’re out sick), wake up early or can’t sleep. Use time wisely. Devote it towards your desired endeavor. Watch for spontaneous boost of energy that urge you to take action immediately. Go with the flow. Watch for persons, places or things come into your sphere that support your path. They are signpost to guide you. Be aware of inspirational moments that empower you with ideas; I can! That small voice within is the divine calling. It repeats itself until you get the message. These moments give hope that something bigger than yourself is guiding you forward. Keep your end goal in mind. It’s not that far off away than you think. Let go of the ‘how.’ Step back from the controls. And instead say, “Thank you for showing me the way to…..” And it is done. Welcome your feedback always ~ Bless, LL

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