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Loyal ~ Angel Message: 

Remain loyal to your heart. When you are faithful to the heart, stars line up in your favor. It may not always appear so upon first glance, but time and patience prove rewarding. When you go against the heart’s inner knowledge, things become confusing; the heart and head clash. For best results, side with the heart, ruled by divine guidance.

Being loyal to your heart isn’t selfish. It implies you know your strengths and weaknesses. You recognize boundaries; there’s a sense of awareness of what you can endure nor tolerate. You are conscious of your capabilities and skills. You know inner truth. 

Honor the divine by being loyal to your heart. Please pay attention to signs and signals that it emanates. Step back when there is pain and move forward with warm fuzzy feelings. Trust your nudges, despite naysayers or going with someone else’s heart. Most importantly, have faith that all will be well ~ if not now, in time. And it is done. 

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