Angel Message for Week 4/21; LOVE ~ The angel of love has come to me glowing brilliant lights of pink and green hues. She seems to be emitting light from within, outwardly to everything it touches. So I understand that this week concerns a couple of things that maybe on your mind; First, discerning, or becoming more aware, of those who you love and are most important to you. And second, becoming real clear about what you love to do. Then the angel shows me a scene where she is busy cleaning, which I have a sense it means there is a willingness to do the work by adding these things and people more into your life…daily. It could mean just dedicating a half hour out of your day (baby steps) of that thing you love to do. Maybe take a class, or just doing it on your own. It can also mean you are willing to give that person, you love, more time or maybe a hug to let them know you love them. Whatever it is that you must do or whoever it is in your life, find ways to make them a priority. They will enhance your life journey and those around you. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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