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Angel Message for Week: Lighthearted. You have a lighthearted approach towards your bat crazy schedule. It’s more like an organized spontaneity in a turbulent flow. It’s an insane world right now and there has to be comic relief, somewhere out there, to pass the time. Right before your very eyes you’ll find amusement in all that you do to barrel over bumps in the road. The best entertainment comes dressed in the form of real life characters that encourage you to roll with life’s punches.

Willingness. There’s a willingness to get your hands dirty. And you don’t have a problem doing what’s necessary to get you back on point A to finish out point Z. Just as in the new Pixar Film, ‘Incredibles 2’ when Mr. Incredible is laid off from work leaving the job to his super hero wife, Elastigirl, to go back into the workforce. Meanwhile, he learns to become a super hero Dad holding it together by tending to the family’s needs. A metaphor for your big picture, taking care of your own mess in turn helps out those around you too. Mere setbacks, viewed as annoying hiccups, don’t deter your progress forward.

Free. You are always free to choose how you respond to a situation, to other people and to the task at hand. Be consciously aware of how you react. See life as an act in a play, laughing at the absurdity in yourself, and others too, frees self-imposed burdens and limitations. Your lighthearted approach makes for a smooth transition. There’s a lot of freedom in knowing that you hold so much power. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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