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Light ~ Angel Message: 

You’re a bright light for others. Even when you’re not feeling like it, you naturally rise to the occasion by being you. When days are overcast, grey, you cast a warm glow upon the situation. You have a gift for sharing the positive or making light of the moment when others can’t see but dark clouds. Emitting high vibes are good karma.  

Radiating your light is beautiful to the world. That’s not to say that you only reveal your best side. It’s letting other people see your complete, whole self; flaws included. Embracing your authentic being, as you are, is love. It makes you a shiny one. Observe how you are cherished by revealing your heart. You’ll lead by example and inspire others to do the same.

A person who recognizes their light knows the power lies within. They embody ‘I am’ at heart. You intuitively know this truth in your soul too. This week, you reawaken to this inner knowledge. Allow yourself to channel your power into doing good.  

Billy Eilish embraces her light. The 18-year-old won big at the Grammy’s for her songs that reflect messages about depression and suicide. Read on TVLine

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