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Light ~ Angel Message: 

Focus on the light. In any given situation, there are two polarizing sides, dark and light. One can’t exist in the world without the other. There seems to be overwhelming evidence that darkness prevails in your world right now, but the light is just as prevalent. If you can’t see the light, search until you find it around and within you. Wherever you focus your attention, dark or light, it grows.

Light is part of your nature. It’s all around you by merely stepping outdoors. Catch a sunrise or sunset. Embrace the sun at high noon, and feel the rays soak into your pores. Listen to the birds sing praises to you. Recognize that wildlife goes about its daily business. Notice buds bursting on trees or new seedlings emerge from the earth. Spring season is a sign of rebirth, hope, that life, your life, continues onward.

Take loving care of selfas well as your loved ones ~ to recognize the light within. Keep your spirit high by tending to your basic needs. Minimize stress with exercise by going for a walk or jog around the block. Eat nutritious food that energizes your body, keeping you physically healthy. Get your required rest by sticking to a regular schedule. Set aside time to rejuvenate your soul, whether it’s meditating, talking to a friend or family member, watching uplifting programming, or reading a good book. Self-care opens your heart to give and receive more positively.

Around the world, messages of love flow to remind you that light prevails. People are sharing their light by giving gratitude to the medical community. READ more on CNET

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