Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Light’ amps your glow from dim to bright, inspiring you to share it with the world around you. Remember this oldie, but goodie sung by The Lower Light; This little light of mine and or cut paste;  ~ Your light is an amplified expression of love, joy and peace; True power. By allowing yourself to shine brightly, you cast away darkness by simply being. And anyone who stands beside you will feel the effects too, like a ripple, their shadows disappear. You lead the way by setting an example, giving others permission to rise up and shine too. P.S. I can’t help but add that a clear example of this phenomena is the Weinstein scandal unfolding in Hollywood with Rose McGowan. It doesn’t have to be at this magnitude, but your light can be equally as powerful to effect change. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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