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It’s ALL right
Angel Message:
It’s all right as it is.

Whatever is heavy upon your heart right now will soon pass as a distant memory. Spirit moves in mysterious ways to heal, clear it away, and improve things without your intervention. You wait and see. The higher power has a plan that is beyond your vision. Trust and surrender to the flow. You’ll look back at this time, realizing how much time you spent worrying, robbing you of peace. But things always find a way to work out just fine on their own time.

It’s all right to let go when it’s too overwhelming.

The situation is beyond your control. There are many moving pieces to this jigsaw puzzle that you can’t possibly figure out. And besides, you weren’t meant to figure it out. But it gets worse when you keep trying to control the situation and the people involved. It’s like picking a scab that doesn’t ever heal. Things unfold how they are supposed to and better than you could ever plan. If another party is involved, allow them space to process to learn, grow – and develop when ready. Step back, breathe, and let it be for now.

It’s all right to feel complicated emotions.

Allow yourself to be disappointed, angry, sad, and upset, but don’t let it consume you too long. Life is happening all around you, and it’s beautiful. Choose to be part of it to get your mind off the challenge. When you focus on the blessings rather than the problem, miracles appear. Then the issue that gave you so much trouble begins to fade away. And you begin to see, hear, and feel that it’s all right.

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