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Angel Message for Week: Integrity. Each time you act with integrity, being honest with self and others, it sends off positive energy into the world.  Personal integrity strengthens your self confidence. It also builds trust and respect with self and in your relationships with others. How do you act with integrity? Honor your heart. The heart is more than an organ that pumps blood. It is the primary instrument to receive divine guidance. The heart intuitively knows what’s right for you. Pay attention to how it feels and act accordingly for your highest good. And in turn, you’ll serve the highest good for those around you too.

A man named Dave stopped by a pasture to film when he noticed a cow acting unusual. He realized her odd behavior was a signal for help. Watch the video about how Dave reunited the cow with her abandoned calf. This touching moment is an example of how to lead with the heart ~ and act out of integrity.

Light. Your light, energy, grows brighter when you lead with the heart. Emotions such as peace, love or joy are signals from spirit to GO. Peace love and joy are higher vibration and radiate more light. Each time you honor these feelings, you increase your light. If you feel pain in the heart, spirit is giving you a warning light to STOP. Your light dims when you are in pain or suffering. It is difficult to function in life and serve others if you operate from a low energy field. Turn towards your inner light for answers and directions.

Adventure. Life’s an adventure when you pay attention to spirit’s signals. If you are confused by the options available, and the signals are mixed, be silent. Ask, ‘what direction brings me peace, love and or joy? Wait for a thought, a vision, or an idea that offers solutions that bring you peace, love or joy. Immediately set forth in that direction to put you on the right path. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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