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Angel Message for July: The ‘Angel of Integrity’ redirects your attention back to the heart for divine guidance. You cannot control or manipulate outside forces to your will. Everything comes in its own time. When there’s nothing else you can do and you’ve exhausted every possible turn, nook and cranny, listen to the heart. The heart knows what’s best for you. Instead of doing what’s right, you listen to what everybody else wants for you (outside forces). This causes confusion, because it conflicts with your heart, which blocks, delays, and interrupts movement forward. Surrender, whatever ails you, to the light for transmutation. See it drift away from your heart to release the burden and bless it. Then pay attention; Be open to possibilities that appear. An option, better than you can imagine, will appear. Love always finds a way. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL
PS I hear the song ‘All you need is love from Beatles’ while I write you this message. Recommend you listen to words 🙂
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