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Angel Message for Week 2/9 ~ Integrity: I see archangel Uriel, glowing in a beautiful blue-ish light. His heart glimmers a gold white light ~ almost like fire. He is the angel of inner wisdom. It seems from this image, that he is guiding you to lead with your heart. The heart is not only an organ to keep us alive, but it is also the most vital instrument to hear the call of God. IF you listen closely, it will inspire you. Go with the flow. IF you haven’t already, you are to pick up a project that has been long delayed. You know what it is, because it keeps nagging at you. By following through on your hearts calling, you’ll be in integrity. Now is the time to be involved in this creative pursuit. IF you feel called to write, act, create art, play or create music, act and or make something…do it. Make time every day, because it will bring you joy. And joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God working through you…and your expression will help change the world around you. Since writing this message, I’m going out today to get that canvas that I saw on sale in this weekend’s flyer! How about you? Love to hear from you ~ Bless, LL

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