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Inspired ~ Angel Message;

You are inspired to create art that reflects your world view. Art, in this case, can take various forms such as a letter/email, article, blog, story, craft, design, painting, sculpt, or a business idea are a few examples of many. Your perception is different from others based on personal experiences; however, relatable to many. Your insight, courage, and confidence to open your heart give others hope when they are vulnerable and weak.

Share your inspired art with the world. It is not yours to keep. Sitting on it, doing nothing, does no one good. Spirit channeled through you to empower others at the right time and place in history. You may feel compelled to deliver because the same force that helped you create is working through you to share.  You are in spirit; An open and willing vessel to communicate, through whatever channel. Not everyone is available to receive insight because worldly concerns barrage them. If at this point, fear prevents you from progressing, ask for the strength to move forward.

Your inspired work will encourage conversation and provoke movement towards the desired goal. Word may travel through unexpected channels, but eventually, it touches the right people. Trust all is moving forward at the desired pace and perfectly timed. Your project is intended to cause a positive chain reaction to inspire, empower, heal, and transform the lives of others.

Speaking of inspired, ABC plans to develop Mitchell Zuckoff’s book ‘Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11’ to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary. Read in Variety

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