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In my favor

In my favor ~ VIP Message for Jess:

Can you please tell me if the financial settlement of my divorce will be in my favor?

Medium Laura Lee: I’m sorry to hear you are going through this process Jess. I don’t believe you’ll be satisfied with the outcome. Even if he (or others in your camp) believe it’s in your favor, it won’t be enough! I understand you’re mad and have good reason to be. It was all an unexpected, ‘a slap in the face’ type of thing. I get you really don’t want to let go because you want to get whats coming due to you. And you should. 

I’m struggling with the settlement because it feels like a tug of war. Neither side cares to work towards an agreeable solution. I sense a lot of fighting, tension, and bad vibes all around which can be expected during times like these….if you can find evidence of any wrongdoing before the separation, you might be able to boost the settlement more in your favor. 

To confirm this message, I see a male figure with an initial ‘P’ watching over you regarding this matter ~ loving holding you while you process the grief of loss. You aren’t alone! 

Do you know what you ‘want’  in financial terms…what does ‘in your favor’ mean to you?  If you haven’t already, write down what that looks like on paper. Then take a moment, NOW, to do the following exercise; visualize a white light beaming down upon you and your ex (pretend he stands before you). Take 3 deep breathes; inhale the light through the heart and exhale towards him ~ send him love and light to surrender the bad vibes. This will help unravel the knots and expedite the process. You are clearing the energy. Really feel it in the heart as you exhale (I know its hard :-), but it gets easier with time. Then state, as you look him in the eye (within your vision), “Thank you for settling effortlessly and peacefully. I am grateful to receive more than I expected in the settlement!” Saying it out loud, and from the heart, gives more power. 

Practice this exercise before sleeping, rising in morning, and any time grief overcomes you regarding the matter. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want to move through barriers. I recommend you read my Angel Message; Hopeful ~ My hope is that this helps. Bless, LL

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