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I loved her

Message of Love from Allen: My neighbor lady that we called Aunt Nanette (appeared to me) when I was asleep. She woke me up. (She) stood by my bed and told me she died. She was wearing a blue dress. Aunt Nanette told me to have my mom and dad check on her in the trailer across the street. I went screaming from my room that Aunt Nanette was dead. Mom though tit was in my head, but then she went to check in on her and found her lying on the floor, dead, wearing a sheet. I never got over that feeling. (And) I can’t get over her death. I think I loved her more than my real family. She was real good to us. I can just think of her now and lose my cool. I cry till it hurts…when we buried her, she was wearing that ‘blue’ dress. That’t the number one thing I remember so vividly…I was four.


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