I forgive
Messages of Love Story by Alexandra: My ex and I have agreed on divorce terms, which is a great relief.  When I went to pick up our kids this morning I could sense he was emotional. I turned to him and said thank you for working with me to get a settlement (after 3 1/2 years of battle). Then I did something that even surprised myself; I hugged him. I did it to heal him more than me. I’m amazed I did this but I was in the moment and felt compelled to do it.I forgive this man who has been abusive both emotionally and physically.  And humbled that I can truly send love to someone that has hurt me.  A positive shift has occurred. Thank goodness for all my angels supporting my prayers.

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible) to; [email protected]

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