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Humor ~ Angel Message

Humor is just what spirit orders up for you. The holiday season can be hard for a whole myriad of reasons, reminding us what or who we don’t have in our lives. Just when you’re sinking into the holiday blues, a little fun reminds you that the best gift received is the present. Comic relief may appear in various forms like a good holiday movie (Christmas Vacation, Home Alone or Elf), a child’s over the top reaction with Santa, an old friend reaches out to recall a fun memory, an uncle that likes to prank, or an ugly sweater that makes you laugh. Joyful moments will slip through the cracks to remind you what’s most important. 

Humor is soul medicine. It unifies mind, body, and heart. Humor combats fear, comforts the heart, relaxes the mind, reduces pain, boosts immune system, releases stress, opens communication, cultivates optimism, and spreads joy. When the moment inspires you, pass on this treasure trove to others around you. It is a gift. 

Humor warms the heart. When you feel alone, depressed, weak or vulnerable, choose to be silly. Turn your attention to the light; Laugh as if there is something to laugh about, sing a song that makes you smile, or play a game that you think is fun. You can spread holiday cheer by simply treating yourself with a little tender loving care. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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