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Hope ~ Angel Message:

Our world is downright scary right now. 

BUT, I have hope and here’s why you should be hopeful too. 

You can breathe. If you can read this message, you’re very much alive ~ and that’s a miracle! Life always has its ups and downs. But, even when your down, you can find a glimmer of light within. It is where you find the will and strength to carry on. I believe that you are stronger than you know. Despite the pending circumstances, remember that this, too, shall pass. Life will carry on.

For instance, medical workers in Wuhan, China, where COVID-19 began, have removed their mask. READ

Plus, there are brilliant people in the world scrambling to get us a vaccine. While they are in testing stages now, experts say that a cure for the coronavirus is on its way. LISTEN

Choose love over fear. I know that the word ‘love’ may sound namby-pamby, but what it means is not panic. Let go of thoughts that cause you to worry. While you have no control over the changes in the world, you do have the ability to respond. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Such thoughts as, “does my annoying cough mean I have it?” and “I shouldn’t have gone out to that party last weekend,” or “what if I can’t go to work?” Remember to breathe and come back to the moment where peace exists.  Then listen to your spirit. You possess all the answers ~ you know what’s right for you and yours to live strong.

Like Rita Wilson, who tested positive for coronavirus, along with her superstar hubby Tom Hanks. They keep their mental health in check by making a playlist of QuaranTUNES; LISTEN on Spotify

You’re not alone. We’re all in this together. Strangely, it’s comforting to know that we can all lean on one another. Others have forged their way before us in other parts of the world. Learn what they did or didn’t do to increase your safe passage.  Find creative ways, in the new age of social distancing, to communicate and connect. Instead of ruminating on doom and gloom, channel your energy outward by remaining engaged. Your will to live IS the way. 

The people of Italy discovered in quarantine that singing from their windows has brought them together. LISTEN  

Blessings to you and yours during this challenging time, LL 

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