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Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Honesty’ wants you to get real with yourself this week. It is recommended you take time out to take a look in the mirror; When you point a finger, three fingers are pointing back at you. Its time you come clean with yourself and acknowledge your role. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Look to your higher self for answers. Try this exercise whenever you blame another party for your problem(s).
  1. Invite the white light to surround, protect and guide you for healing (visualise).
  2. See the other party/person, you blame, stand before you. Look into their eyes, and soul, asking the question; Where have I been guilty of the same (behaviour)? Then you will see, hear, feel or know where you were just as guilty of (behaviour).
  3. Finally, thank the other party for helping you see that shadow part of yourself. Then send them love, with light, from your heart with a deep exhale (really feel this experience for more effect).
  4. Forgive yourself aloud while seeing the white light wash away the old pattern and you are ready for assistance to change.
This exercise is a starting point to heal; acknowledging that peace begins with you. When you come back to your centre, take responsibility for what is happening in your life, it is easier to restore balance. If you continue to feel resentment, blame, anger, you may have to employ the exercise more than once. But, once you welcome divine intervention, trust that a resolution is in process. This angel is here to assist you in the process.   Be OPEN (Sept Angel Message) to what develops; your prayers were answered in favour to heal this dilemma.
Great song that comes to mind while writing this message is Billy Joel’s Honesty
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