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Heart ~ Angel Message:

Something deep within your heart calls out for attention. Whatever that may be for you, it’s superior, above all else, in comparison. It brings meaning and light to your life. If it isn’t already at the top of your priorities, reposition it there now.

Your heart is intuitive. It is more than an organ to sustain life, but a built-in navigation system too. Your heart, and soul, know all truth. Listen to its messages by the way it feels. Openness, warmth, tingling sensations of joy, peace, and love are a resounding yes to move forward. Pain, burn, or rapid heart palpitations are clear indications that something’s gone awry. Stop what you’re doing to evaluate the situation. 

Divine guidance is a heartbeat away. Measure your existing priorities, one by one, against your heart signals. What resonates, and what doesn’t resonate. Reorganize accordingly to honor your heart and live life fully. 

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Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

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